Dos Versiones para tu comodidad

Flexibility for the management of your human capital.  

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BioCheck Pro

System to control simple input and output records with basic configurations. Only available in packages with Time Clocks.

BioCheck Premium

System with access to all BioCheck functionalities as well as reporting and control of multiple branches.

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La plataforma de RRHH más poderosa

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BioCheck Premium

Starting from $11.00 per month per employee

  • Multiple time clock capacity.
  • Control de múltiples sucursales.
  • Multiple account managers. 
  • Gestión de perfiles de usuario. 
  • Administración de faltas y retrasos.
  • Organigrama actualizado de tu empresa.
  • Más de 25 reportes a tu disposición. 
  • Notificaciones al instante.
  • Ability to control permits, overtime bonuses and much more.
  • Solicitudes de incidencias. 
  • Generación de reporte para manejo de pre-nómina.
  • Analysis of hours worked by employee and department.

BioCheck Kiosk

Allow your field and home-office employees to register entries and exists from their work location without the need of a Time Clock.

Home Office Assistance

Have control over the attendance of employees who work from home.

Routes Management

Set routes for employees to check along the route.

Reports by Location

Get reports by location and stay in control.

BioCheck Time Clock

You no longer need a time clock for your employees to register entries and exists. Turn a tablet or mobile phone into an attendance control device.
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bizople kit

The new way to record Time and Attendance 

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BioCheck Premium

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BioCheck Mobile

Monthly plan per Employee
Starting From
$ 8.50

    Compatible with BioCheck Pro y BioCheck Premium.
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Features per Version

Saca el mayor provecho de la plataforma con Premium

Todas las funciones de BioCheck disponibles con Premium.

Integrate new Features

Available for both versions 

BioCheck Mobile

Manages field and home-office staff allowing to register entries and exists in specific locations. Available on Android and iOS.

BioCheck Legal

Get advice on labor law with expert lawyers nationwide. Access exclusive courses on the Federal Labor Law. 

BioCheck Kiosk

Turn your tablet into a time clock. Ideal for business and field projects that do not require a time clock. Available on Android and iOS.