• Now with BioCheck Kiosk you don't need a time clock, use any device whether Android or iOS.

  • Register all your employees. BioCheck Kiosk will show you the steps to generate a biometric profile.

  • If you have a BioCheck Mobile account, you only need to add a subscription to BioCheck Kiosk. Employees will already be registered.

  • Thanks to its facial recognition technology, your employees will be able to register their shifts from their mobile device.

  • Check-in and check-out records anytime, anywhere.

Turn any device into a Time Clock

Any mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system can become a time clock.

Facial Recognition Technology

We use the most advanced facial recognition technology to avoid employees from doing checks for others.

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Account Activation Process

  • Nobus sends an email to the user with activation process and codes for their purchased license(s).

  • Once the user created its account, click on the button "Add License Code".

  • The user is ready to use BioCheck Kiosk

Download the App

Set your device as a Time Clock in just minutes.